The importance of QC in multichannel

Multichannel has become the norm. Now you need an automated QC solution.

Multichannel distribution of live broadcasts offers local programmers the ability to reach a wider consumer base. The TV Everywhere movement has created a consumer climate in which people want the ability to watch any program at any time. This includes live coverage on mobile devices and laptops, so consumers on the go can continue to access the programming they want. However, QoS monitoring is critical to ensuring that live content in any applicable file format can reach viewers on any device.

In Boston, ABC affiliate WCVB-TV announced it is planning to launch a mobile app that will offer live streaming coverage of the channel's programming around the clock, according to the Boston Business Journal. The channel has had success live streaming its newscasts, but wants to be the first station in the city to offer live mobile coverage of all its programming, 24 hours a day.

WCVB already offers a live-stream of its newscasts, but the station plans to launch an app to essentially allow for free, around-the-clock viewing on a smart phone or tablet. While the app is geared for mobile users, the live streaming will also be available on a PC.

In today's environment, live streaming apps are a regular form of content delivery, and users have high expectations for the quality and reliability of these streams. An app suffering from outages, latency or poor video quality can put the station in a bad light. QoS monitoring solutions are needed to ensure that each video stream receives the right compression, coding and formatting standards for a high-performance delivery to any device in today's digital ecosystem.

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