Solid State Logic Launch ‘Tempest Control App’

Join SSL at NAB Show 2024 as they showcase Tempest Control App – next-gen virtualised control for live-to-air broadcast, as well as the latest virtualised processing technology, immersive audio production tools, and more.

‘Virtualised control’- or the use of software control interfaces - is a key component in the development of remote and distributed broadcast production models. Solid State Logic's TCA opens the door to an array of new system design possibilities, offering broadcasters significant production and operational advantages, as well as economic efficiencies.

Take System T to the next level with TCA
TCA is a fully featured software interface that enables operators to control every aspect of System T’s mixing, routing, processing and monitoring - from as little as a touchscreen. TCA directly controls System T’s DSP and is compatible with all new and existing Tempest Engines - including virtualised cloud-based processing.

Additional hardware control can be easily integrated with TCA when needed. For instance, operator positions requiring fader tile(s) can be incorporated into furniture for studio installations or deployed in flypacks for remote applications. TCA can also provide a robust and cost-effective solution for backup systems and compact or second-operator positions.

Delivering market-leading production agility, any combination of System T hardware and software control interfaces can be used across the entire system. All System T control interfaces offer a unified operator experience, increasing familiarity, efficiency and removing the need for training time when moving between systems.

TCA is just as at home running on a local PC, a virtual machine on a shared server - or in the cloud. In such scenarios, there is no compromise in operation, whether TCA is deployed in centralised or decentralised production models, controlling hardware or virtualised processing.

NGA and Immersive audio production with SSL at NAB 2024
In addition to TCA’s North American debut, at NAB 2024 Solid State Logic will be showcasing the latest developments to their no-compromise immersive/NGA production tool kit for their AoIP-native broadcast audio production platform, System T. Offering object and channel-based immersive production, delivered through specifically designed features and integrations, System T makes producing next-generation content simple and effective, and - as you would expect from Solid State Logic - sound stunning. Using System T’s flagship S500m large-format modular console, paired with a 5.1.4 monitoring system, SSL will demonstrate the latest features of its immersive audio production toolkit for live-to-air broadcast and music production applications at NAB 2024.

The future of broadcast audio production
Whether your broadcast facility is focused on the latest in decentralised and distributed production technology or is considering enhancing programming with immersive audio content, visit Solid State Logic at NAB Show 2024 and experience the System T production platform. 

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