Vivaro Media Chooses Appear For Live Decoding Of Major Summer Sporting Event

Appear has been chosen by Vivaro Media to support live contribution of a major sporting event taking place this summer in Paris. Vivaro Media, which provides solutions for the global transport of live audiovisual content to broadcasters and service providers across Latin America, will deploy Appear’s X Platform to decode more than 30 HD channels during the competition.

Appear's X20 Platform delivers market-leading flexibility, density, and cost-efficiency to many of the world’s leading media brands. For the 2024 summer sporting event, Vivaro Media will use the X20 to deliver signals using technologies such as 2022-7, 2110 and NMOS to major broadcasters in Latin America, ensuring millions of fans remain connected and entertained during the event. This advanced platform replaces Vivaro Media’s existing SDI equipment, providing cutting-edge IP protocol capabilities. The deployment builds on a longstanding relationship between Appear and Vivaro Media, with Appear most recently providing live encoding and multiplexing services for the2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile.

The operational resilience and cost efficiency of the X20 Platform empowers broadcasters and service providers to facilitate live contribution, with advanced remote production and distribution workflows globally. Integration with leading industry standards such as HEVC/AVC, ST-2110, JPEG XS, NMOS, and high-capacity SRT, combined with a diverse array of processing functionalities, Network Address Translation (NAT), and firewall features, ensures a comprehensive and efficient solution for content delivery.

To increase the flexibility of the X20 Platform, Appear has designed the modules the chassis is populated with to have software defined functionality. This means that when the sporting event is over, Vivaro could, for instance, change decoder modules to encoders, or vice versa, making it much easier for Vivaro Media to use the X Platform on future projects.

The Platform integrates with Appear’s Ecx110 modules for HEVC ultra-low latency encoding and decoding, significantly reducing energy consumption and power usage while maintaining uncompromised quality. It delivers ultra-low latency, HD, and UHD compression with SDI and ST-2110 uncompressed I/O at scale. Customers can choose from a 1RU or 2RU short-depth chassis for increased flexibility.

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