WTCI Turns To Actus Digital For Enhanced Broadcast Quality And Compliance Solution

Actus Digital has played a pivotal role in transforming the operations of WTCI, the public broadcaster based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Recognized for its innovative and reliable intelligent monitoring platform, Actus Digital has enabled WTCI to enhance its monitoring capabilities, ensuring the highest standards of compliance and content quality across its four channels.

Serving a vast audience across Tennessee, North Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina, WTCI sought to upgrade its monitoring and compliance infrastructure to better serve its diverse viewer base and growing technical needs. Facing the limitations of manual monitoring methods and the inadequacies of a home-built system, WTCI turned to Actus Digital for an affordable solution that offered unparalleled functionality.

Key features of the Actus platform that have proven invaluable to WTCI include its intuitive user interface, reliable monitoring and alerting, and the flexibility to customize settings for each broadcast channel.

The Actus solution at WTCI delivers sophisticated capabilities for satisfying underwriters and addressing viewer issues, with easy access to recorded content for review and analysis.

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