Chyron Unveils Robust Telestration, Effects, And Workflow Updates In PAINT 9.6

Chyron has announced the release of PAINT 9.6, the newest iteration of the company’s renowned telestrated replay and sports analysis software. A wealth of updates in PAINT 9.6 enable even more flexible and dynamic sports analysis live on air, with tracked and tuned telestration clips and richer effects, plus UI and workflow enhancements that support a faster and more streamlined sportscasting workflow.

Leading the array of enhancements in PAINT 9.6 is the revolutionary Multi-Angle Telestration feature, transforming the way sportscasters analyze and present games live on air. This feature allows seamless integration of telestration across multiple camera angles, ensuring that each illustration is precisely aligned in terms of location, size, and perspective, regardless of the angle. This advancement enhances the visual appeal and deepens the audience’s understanding of the game by providing a comprehensive, multi-dimensional view of key plays and strategies.

PAINT 9.6 takes sports broadcasting to the next level with its Highlight Pitch Zone tool, further enhancing live sports broadcasting commentary and storytelling. This tool offers a graphical user interface (GUI) for an accurately calibrated playing field, enabling operators to highlight strategic areas with 3D precision, thereby enhancing clarity and detail in illustrating game events. Complementing these advancements, PAINT 9.6 also introduces a suite of innovative graphic tools. These include sport-specific icons, intuitive 'X' and 'O' markers, and a zoom circle feature that simulates a camera lens effect, enriching the visual narrative and analytical depth in sports broadcasts.

PAINT 9.6's enhanced Cut Out tool is a game-changer in sports analysis. Operators can now pause a video in the preview window, select a player, and strategically reposition that player on the field, empowering them to predict or demonstrate an athlete's potential next move. PAINT 9.6's advanced keyframing goes even further, allowing for player movement across multiple points, beyond traditional point A to B transitions. This feature not only enables unrestricted player movement during live broadcasts but also enriches spontaneous, in-depth analysis. To further streamline operations, the software now automatically pauses when the CutOut tool is activated, enabling operators to swiftly adapt to and illustrate live gameplay dynamics.

The product update also introduces intuitive updates that significantly streamline the process of highlighting athletes and plays during live broadcasts. With its enhanced telestration capabilities, operators can now efficiently group-select highlights around players and simultaneously edit common properties for the entire group with the bulk editing feature — a time-saver in fast-paced sports environments. Additionally, a newly implemented keyboard shortcut allows for rapid navigation and adjustment of keyframes, making the tracking and modification of telestration elements more efficient than ever. Complementing these updates, PAINT 9.6 expands its range of pitch calibration tools to include softball, adding to the lineup that covers baseball, soccer, and football, ensuring precise and tailored analysis across various sports.

With the latest updates, PAINT 9.6 allows for a more seamless change in the interface’s design and branding, making it suitable for big-screen telestration displays in sports programming. Also useful for studio applications, a new presentation window option allows the operator to pull the preview video, without all the PAINT UI elements, and feed it to another screen — or multiple screens — for better visibility and operator confidence.

Further functional enhancements within PAINT 9.6 include Matrox LE5 Support, which translates to 12G SDI connectivity for 4K/UHD-quality video on a single connection, simplifying the handling of higher quality video. Moreover, a new bulk clip import capability, with automatic format checking and smart prioritization, improves the speed at which files can be brought into the system.

PAINT 9.6 represents a leap forward in sports broadcasting technology, combining innovative features like Multi-Angle Telestration, Highlight Pitch Zone tool, and enhanced CutOut tool with workflow optimizations such as bulk editing and intuitive interface customization. These advancements, along with the Matrox LE5 Support for superior video quality and the new presentation window option for studio applications, affirm Chyron's commitment to driving the future of sports production. PAINT 9.6 is more than just a tool. It's a comprehensive solution for broadcasters seeking to captivate their audience with high-quality, dynamic sports content. 

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