nxtedition Powers TVMonaco’s Groundbreaking Public Broadcast Launch Into The Future

Broadcast microservices specialist nxtedition has played a pivotal role in the successful launch of TVMonaco, the city-state’s first public TV station. In collaboration with Qvest, nxtedition’s innovative technology has helped create a future-proof broadcasting environment that ensures TVMonaco’s seamless operations.

Qvest, renowned for its expertise in systems integration and project management, spearheaded the development of TVMonaco's state-of-the-art facilities, which include a fully-equipped broadcast studio, control room and a bustling newsroom. The goal was clear, to establish a story centric, collaborative and agile working environment that allows the broadcaster to prepare and deliver daily television programming for both international and local audiences within the Principality of Monaco.

nxtedition's pivotal contribution to this project was the implementation of its efficient end-to-end Media Asset Management (MAM), Post Production tools, Newsroom Control System (NRCS), Graphics, Gallery Automation, Prompters and Ingest workflows using its cutting-edge private cloud solution. This innovative approach has not only streamlined TVMonaco's operations but has also set a benchmark as one of the world's largest scalable nxtedition installations to date, handling vast amounts of data for broadcast and post seamlessly.

The collaborative efforts of Qvest and nxtedition culminated in the successful realisation of TVMonaco's new broadcasting hub. CVS Engineering, the French systems integrator, was responsible for installing the audio-video infrastructure, designing and constructing the studio and gallery setup, and wiring the facilities with Singular Live providing graphics on playout. 

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