Ateme Introduces Its Next-Generation Video Compression

Ateme unveils its groundbreaking Gen 7 STREAM encoding engine. At the heart of the new generation of TITAN video-processing solutions, Gen 7 goes beyond conventional video compression, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency that power user experiences for the masses through a cutting-edge encoding core.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, Gen 7 is the productization of Ateme’s latest algorithms that have been recognized with three prestigious Technology & Engineering Emmy awards.

These algorithms enhance performance across all dimensions:

  • They deliver greater bandwidth efficiency to ensure superior video quality at lower bitrates for H.264, HEVC, AV1, and VVC compression. Gen 7 developments are designed to work across all codecs wherever technically possible.
  • They significantly boost processing density on Intel®, AMD®, and ARM® processors without compromising video quality. Broadcasters and service providers can host more channels on a single server, resulting in cost savings and contributing to a lower carbon footprint.
  • They make content available globally thanks to high-fidelity standards conversion. State-of-the-art upscale, upmap and upmix is supported. Algorithms guarantee seamless motion in high-action sequences, achieved through high frame rates, top-quality deinterlacing, and motion interpolation. Additionally, they maintain the artistic intent of film grain.
  • They democratize state-of-the-art immersive experiences, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of viewers, even during live streaming scenarios. Integrating the latest advances in High Dynamic Range (HDR) and color conversion, along with immersive and inclusive sound, the algorithms deliver vibrant and captivating colors and audio at a substantially reduced latency.
  • They enable Spatial Computing, creating immersive and engaging 3D user experiences by efficiently transmitting content from different camera angles using Multiview High Efficiency Video Coding (MV-HEVC). 

With a core that is intelligently designed for end-to-end video delivery, Gen 7 goes beyond compression, empowering broadcasters and service providers with advanced capabilities that enhance the complete delivery chain. For example, Gen 7 powers Ateme’s Audience-Aware Streaming solution. Using analytics from the Content Delivery Network (CDN), the compression core can dynamically reconfigure itself, optimizing resources based on actual audience demands while ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Exemplifying versatility, TITAN transcoders powered by Gen 7 seamlessly integrate with both on-premises and cloud-based video-delivery platforms, whether as a solution or SaaS. Ateme maintains infrastructure agnosticism to ensure seamless adaptation to the unique requirements of each customer.

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