LiveU Showcases Its EcoSystem Collaborations With Industry Partners For Accelerated Video Workflows

LiveU will be showcasing the openness and adaptability of its EcoSystem at IBC2023 in collaboration with a range of industry partners. Seamlessly integrated into video workflows, innovative storytelling solutions with Dina/Mimir, Marquis, and Wolftech will be demonstrated on the LiveU stand. Already deployed at tier 1 broadcasters and news agencies in Europe, recent use cases will also be shared at the show. These workflows will be shown alongside a demonstration of IP-video over a private 5G network with Neutral Wireless and other integrated solutions.

The LiveU EcoSystem is highly adaptable and open to other IP protocols. It is built on LiveU's pioneering LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport) protocol for low latency, high-quality, and rock-solid resiliency. LiveU will be presenting its EcoSystem at IBC across contribution, production and distribution with its suite of IP-video solutions.

The partner demos, integrated with the LiveU Ingest automatic recording and story metadata tagging solution, include:

  • Mimir, a cloud video collaboration and production platform for professionals, enables journalists to use AI as part of their everyday workflow. Live content is fed into LiveU Ingest (where it is automatically recorded) and directly delivered into a Mimir-accessible cloud storage bucket, ensuring any content is instantaneously available within the Mimir interface. Feeds are ready for editing and clipping in real-time from any location even as they grow via the Mimir platform or any Non-Linear Editing System. With the digital-first story-centric newsroom system, Dina, stories are generated with the metadata and carried across the LiveU contribution workflow until video is automatically ingested in a Dina associated folder in Mimir. All the live assets are readily available and ready for instant publishing.
  • The collaboration between LiveU and Marquis provides seamless video workflow between LiveU sources and Avid editing systems. The solution enables the video from LiveU field units to be recorded, together with its associated metadata, by LiveU Ingest and moved efficiently from acquisition through to production with Avid-ready formatting. The new workflow with the Marquis connection means video can be ingested directly via LiveU Ingest into Avid MediaCentral and Media Composer, complete with all its production metadata.
  • Wolftech provides story-centric workflow management solutions for streamlined production together with an incorporated booking module. The integration with LiveU allows live feeds from LiveU units to be assigned to the stories created in Wolftech with the StoryID, and automatically recorded in LiveU Ingest. The critical connection between WolftechNews and LiveU provides an efficient process for booking LiveU units directly to a story, retrieving the marked feeds from LiveU for that story, and dragging them onto the Wolftech story's board. This ultimately closes the loop on the entire task assignment and content usage process.

Other LiveU EcoSystem partners featured on the stand include PTZ Optics, Dizplai and Neutral Wireless.

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