Joda Media Presents New Transmitter Site And Building Security Solutions For US Broadcast Industry

Joda Media is excited to announce the launch of a new cloud-native door access and surveillance system & service for broadcasters in the USA. This new solution has the ability to dramatically increase the awareness, monitoring, control, and overall security of often vulnerable and remote transmitter sites and other broadcast facilities. With these new tools, Broadcasters will be able to see and control their buildings from any browser or smartphone, without the need for on-premises servers, NVRs, or other traditional infrastructure.

As a proud partner of Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon security suite, Joda Media is bringing one of the most extensive and powerful physical security platforms to the broadcast industry. The scalable and flexible design is perfect for small, remote facilities and allows for the central management and operation of any and all sites that are equipped with these devices. The standardization of access eliminates the need for lock boxes and physical keys, as any employee or contractor can be granted access via a smartphone credential or a one-time guest pass. Security operators or admin staff can receive immediate email/call/text in the event of a forced entry, door ajar, tamper attempt, motion, and other events, and access in-depth reports for all sites. 

The Video Reader has a built-in 5MP camera which automatically associates events with video recordings for fast and simple review by security personnel. The Standard Reader offers a cost-effective solution for robust door access and a lifetime warranty. The Flex camera offers a cost-effective solution for interior monitoring, complete with integrated temperature and humidity sensors which can alert staff to changes in the environment. The Avigilon security suite offers a wide range of hardware and camera options to fit any need.

The system is suitable for users who wish to install and maintain their own system, but an installation and support service is also available nationally in the USA and Canada. 

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