Brainstorm InfinitySet At The Heart Of Broadley TV Studios Virtual Production

Broadley TV Studios, one of London’s longest established TV and film production facilities, has selected Brainstorm InfinitySet to empower their recently launched virtual production operations.

InfinitySet’s revolutionary technology and vast feature set will enable Broadley TV Studios to create high-quality virtual sets and environments that integrate seamlessly with live-action footage, providing an innovative and cost-effective solution for all types of film, TV, and content production.

InfinitySet is the ultimate virtual set, AR, XR and real-time 3D graphics solution, not just for showcasing a vast range of extremely advanced technologies, but also for the flexibility it gives to operators and producers alike. For virtual production, InfinitySet not only offers advanced tools for photorealistic real-time content creation, but also integrates perfectly in any broadcast workflow. Combined with Mo-Sys and ViveMars motion camera tracking, and Aston 3D graphics, it redefines Broadley TV Studios offering and enables their experienced team to deliver world-class content to a breadth of clients from networks, corporations, production companies and creators.

Broadley TV Studios has upgraded their entire infrastructure and workflows, creating a unique studio for central London dedicated to managing virtual production projects, coupled with the incorporation of new dedicated staff. 

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