InSync And FOR-A Deliver Uncompromised 8k Standards Conversion

InSync Technology has extended its relationship with FOR-A in delivering an 8k version of its motion compensated frame rate converter. The new appliance, the MCC-8K, provides seamless realtime conversion between 8k Ultra HD streams at 50, 59.94 and 60 frames per second.

As well as converting the video between the various frame rates, the MCC-8K also supports 32 channels of embedded audio and timecode pass through, with an audio delay option to maintain lip sync. To simplify integration into existing 4k workflows, the 8k feeds were carried on four 12G SDI cables as Ultra HD or 2SI.

InSync had previously provided a 4k Ultra HD conversion platform, marketed by FOR-A as the MCC-4K-A and widely used throughout industry. The MCC-8K uses dedicated hardware, including multiple FPGAs. Distributing the processing across multiple devices was one of the major challenges for the system design, as it is critical for success that the motion estimation and prediction algorithms operate across the whole image as a single entity.

InSync implemented the device in a single 2U cabinet, consuming around 200W, a remarkable achievement given the amount of processing required for frame rate conversion in a stream running at more than 20 Gb/s.

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