nxtedition Shows The Production Workflow Of Tomorrow At NAB 2023

nxtedition, innovators in microservices-based production environments, makes its debut at NAB 2023 where it will demonstrate that the workflow of the future is available today.

Visitors will see just how easy nxtedition makes it to access an entire toolset, including third-party functionality, and artificial intelligence (AI) features, in a seamless end-to-end environment designed to deliver compelling storytelling fast and accurately within operations of all sizes.

In today’s highly competitive landscape production teams must react quickly to emerging stories, offer analysis, and deliver their stories online, on-air, and on social platforms. Tools that prioritise good storytelling and remove the headache of repetitive, time-consuming tasks are essential. nxtedition has consolidated different products and services into a single microservices solution, addressing some of the major headaches faced with traditional production workflows. A good example of this approach is nxtedition’s virtual assets feature. This removes the need for highly technical API calls which can be fragile and difficult to maintain, and allows users to directly access stock libraries, newswires, social media and emails. For example, when a nxtedition user selects an external domain in search, virtual assets automatically switches to the third-party API, fetching all the data, content and metadata, which is displayed for the user within the familiar nxtedition user interface. If a user switches to the newswire services domain, then nxtedition's search facility can search the entire news services API and ingest the required content directly without leaving nxtedition’s UI.

NAB attendees will see how nxtedition has further leveraged the potential of artificial intelligence aids by deploying the OpenAI Whisper speech-to-text service directly into its microservice environment. With Whisper running on the nxt|engine servers, clients do not need to subscribe to expensive third party speech to text SaaS services. As there are no extra costs incurred then entire archives can be indexed in the background late at night and during weekends without incurring huge cloud services invoices.

Users will also have the option to use the Whisper functionality to automatically transcribe all the speech at the point of ingest, so everything coming into nxtedition is transcribed into indexed & searchable metadata.

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