Produce Any Event From Anywhere With Evertz BRAVO Studio

At IBC 2022, Evertz is showcasing its DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio virtual production control suite that gives content creators all the tools they need to create more stories in the Cloud.

BRAVO Studio addresses the challenges of cost effectively producing more content for an audience that is demanding more personal experiences. Whether it’s an individual player, influencer or celebrity feed, more personalised content from live events is being consumed by audiences across multiple platforms.

DreamCatcher also provides virtual access to all the services found in the traditional control room and makes them available to production teams around the world.

Simple to use, reliable and cost effective, BRAVO Studio accesses live video and audio from remote locations over dedicated networks, 5G networks or public Internet. The platform ingests multiple live camera feeds; provides live video and audio mixing with transitions; multiple video overlays for picture on picture or multi-box looks; slow motion replays; clip playout; highlight clipping and packaging; multiple dynamic graphics layers; and multi-image display of sources and outputs on the user interface. BRAVO Studio includes advanced data-driven features that help automate and simplify production workflows to provide small creative teams of all skill levels with high-quality and consistency throughout the production. BRAVO Studio co-pilots include auto clipping of highlights based on live game/events data sources, storyboarding, and a built-in live editor for quick turnaround editing.

This all-in-one solution, which can be used for any production regardless of its size or scale, is proving to be a game changer, particularly for events that include live sports, news, esports, entertainment, corporate, and government. By combining access to all inputs with web-based interfaces and providing support for transport protocols such as SRT, RIST, and Zixi, BRAVO Studio ensures that live UHD/4K video and audio signals are reliably and securely sent and received, directly from the cloud and with minimal latency.

The system uses MAGNUM-OS for orchestration, and VUE, Evertz’ Intelligent user Interface, to provide the support team tools to ensure that productions happen without incident. With MAGNUM-OS, BRAVO Studio enables users to schedule and automate the event preparation including routing of incoming remote feeds, allocating resources, and configuring the operator stations. This enables customers to seamless transition between productions with minimal effort. VUE provides the engineering support team the tools to control and monitor the devices in the production including camera controls, color correction, and more. BRAVO Studio is the complete cloud-based production control suite that redefines live production today. 

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