GatesAir Expands Low-Power FM Transmission Family With Flexiva GX Series

The latest Flexiva transmitter series is optimized for analog FM without the overhead of digital - and at a friendly price point.

At IBC 2022, GatesAir will introduce Flexiva GX, a new FM analog transmitter line that provides radio customers with the strongest power-to-size ratio for power levels up to 10kW. Using the latest LDMOS technology, GatesAir has packed exceptional power density into a compact 5RU chassis, providing broadcasters with powerful 5kW and 10kW FM solutions that deliver a remarkable overall efficiency rating up to 76 percent.

The engineering breakthroughs in power density, efficiency and footprint are made possible through the Flexiva GX’s design, enhanced by GatesAir’s third-generation PowerSmart high-efficiency transmitter architecture. While GatesAir continues to support HD Radio and DRM+ digital radio within its Flexiva FM transmitter range, the Flexiva GX Series is built for customers that are fully focused on the benefits of modern, high-efficiency solid-state technology.

In its 100-year history, GatesAir has long been at the forefront of innovation in high-efficiency digital and analog broadcasting for radio and TV transmission – a leadership position extended with the launch of PowerSmart nearly 15 years ago. GatesAir’s TV and radio transmitters have consistently offered broadcasters the industry’s highest power density and efficiency since, providing them with a solid-state gateway to reduce utility bills, maintenance costs and RF facility space.

These core space and cost-reduction benefits are of strong benefit to broadcasters and network operators across the globe. Broadcasters seeking to refresh existing FM infrastructure for large regional and national networks represent a key customer base. Flexiva GX transmitters support N+1 configurations, enabling large national network operators to build very flexible and consolidated transmission sites that meet the most stringent uptime requirements.

The Flexiva GX Series also carries traditional GatesAir solid-state design benefits forward, including modular, redundant transmitter designs with hot-swappable power supplies. The transmitters provide auto-switching inputs, with dual AES (including AES192), dual composite and analog left/right audio inputs. Options include a GPS receiver to support SFN functionality, and GatesAir’s new Intraplex IP Link 100e module. The latter integrates within Flexiva GX transmitters, enabling direct receipt of contributed FM content instead of requiring an external codec. This further reduces rack space requirements inside RF facilities with limited open real estate.

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