AutoScript’s WinPlus-IP Prompting Software Introduces Arabic Language For Voice And NDI Support

Autoscript has released an upgrade to its prompting software. WinPlus-IP v1.12 delivers updates including the ability to take prompt output directly from a PC as local video or NDI stream, deploy Autoscript’s Voice speech recognition system with Arabic languages, and use a single licence on different installations.

The upgrade introduces Arabic language support for its ‘Autoscript Voice’ prompting control technology.

Other advances in WinPlus-IP v1.12 include a new optional Local and NDI prompter licence. This allows the prompt output to be taken directly from a PC as either local video output or as an NDI stream, meaning an XBox-IP or IP prompter is no longer always required. NDI integration with Autoscript’s IP prompting workflow enables fully IP productions to produce prompt output video for third-party equipment such as TriCasters and multi-viewers.

WinPlus-IP v1.12 also introduces dongle licence support, allowing licences to be linked to a dongle rather than a PC. This gives users the ability to transfer their licence between different WP-IP installations.

Existing WinPlus-IP owners who upgrade to v1.12 will be able to migrate from the current machine ID licencing to USB dongle licencing.

WinPlus-IP v1.12 will be supplied as standard with all new installations and a free demo version can be downloaded from the Autoscript website. Existing WinPlus-IP customers can upgrade for free for up to one year from date of purchase. 

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