Beach Soccer Embraces Cutting-edge Cloud Production Platform For World’s Largest Tournament, the pioneer of revolutionary cloud-based technology for live graphic overlays,, the cloud-based, all-in-one, streaming production studio, and WSC Sports, the provider of innovative workflow automation solutions for sports media-right owners, are working with Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) to provide transformative Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered, cloud-based, content production solution to drive fan engagement for the world’s largest beach soccer tournament - and beyond.

Known for producing premium beach soccer events, BSWW is now delivering the world’s largest tournament between June 3-12 in one of the top beach soccer locations in the world - Nazaré, Portugal. This milestone event encompasses several tournaments - the biggest club honor on the continent, The Euro Winners Cup (EWC), and the Euro Winners Challenge. The tenth edition of the Men’s EWC, and the seventh of the Women’s EWC, will see no less than 218 matches over the course of ten action-packed days.

Producing all the live content for such an event is a huge undertaking. Combining leading providers WSC Sports, and, BSWW will rely on the latest cloud and AI technology to deliver a truly innovative content production solution, which will keep fans engaged and informed on all the latest action from the beach.

By leveraging’s cloud-based video mixer, BSWW will retrieve and mix live feeds, multicasting the live competition to multiple destinations, with minimum latency and no compromise on quality.’s integration with allows for the easy addition of dynamic live overlays directly onto the video, including all the live match graphics and sponsor logos. WSC Sports’ AI-powered platform will deliver a greater number of beach soccer highlights to more fans than ever before.

This innovative combination of three cloud-based production platforms ensures that BSWW can deliver a consistent brand experience, at scale, securely, while being able to effectively monetise sponsorship activity. Using this cutting-edge solution will help BSWW reduce the environmental impact of producing beach soccer tournaments. Relying on traditional broadcasting methods would have required a considerable amount of shipping and a great deal more power.

BSWW is the FIFA recognised entity for the promotion and development of beach soccer across the globe. BSWW is responsible for the organization of more than 300 top-class international events in over 30 countries, involving up to 200 national teams and clubs, in both men’s and women’s categories. BSWW has been working with WSC Sports since 2021 and over 300 highlights have been created during that time using its AI-powered platform - bringing fans around the world all the action on the sand within moments of it taking place.

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