NAB Preview: Guntermann & Drunck

“It’s obvious that integrating more and more technologies leads to an increasingly complex and multi-functional IT landscape in the broadcast industry,” says Don Hosmer, VP Sales Americas & GM, Guntermann & Drunck (North America). “In the near future, it will be more essential that technologies are interoperable with each other so that it will be much easier for broadcasters to operate complex scenarios.”

G&D says it’s extremely important to consider this aspect given that its KVM solutions are a permanent link between IT and broadcast structures.

“That’s why our systems work perfectly with broadcast control systems such as KSC from BFE, VSM from Lawo, Cerebrum from Axon (EVS) and many others. In addition, G&D have been a member of the Grass Valley Technology Alliance for several years and are the preferred KVM solution for the Ignite system. The topic of IP will continue to be essential in the next years. Being compatible with standard network components gives us, and therefore our partners and customers, a great advantage.”

At NAB it will present its series of KVM-over-IP extenders, VisionXS. These new IP extenders utilize standard Ethernet networks with up to 10 Gbit bandwidth and are designed to support high resolution applications up to 4K60.

“G&D's proprietary lossless video compression bluedec transmits pixel-perfect resolutions up to 4K60 and improves the user experience in any application,” explains Hosmer. “In addition to point to point extension applications, and as a special highlight, the integrated IP-MUX function lets a console device manage multiple target IP addresses from up to 20 computer sources without requiring any additional hardware. For simpler applications, you can use the on-screen display to switch between different sources which creates a scalable mux system at no additional cost.”

Also on show is the ControlCenter-IP-XS, targeting users who want to benefit from useful control room features and need to change switching states quite often. In addition to the ControlCenter-IP, this is a compact solution for smaller installations. Like all G&D KVM-over-IP solutions in the portfolio, it is compatible with our KVM-over-IP extenders and all standard network components and therefore an entry-level variant for basic installations with up to 20 end devices.

“The security features within our IP-KVM systems are second to none,” he says. “We are happy to provide additional details and explanation at our booth about how we provide unrivalled KVM network security.”

Another highlight will be the PersonalWorkplace-Controller multiviewer. Depending on the application, you can use the multiviewing tool to display and operate up to 26 video sources on a single monitor. This way, broadcast specialists benefit from an almost unlimited flexible layout with high image quality up to 4K60, Hosmer notes.

The PersonalWorkplace-Controller optimizes broadcast workflows such as in Master Control Rooms, where multiple signals need to be monitored. Combining a KVM system with the PWC ensures secure, high-performance and flexible access to all relevant computer systems. You can also use the PersonalWorkplace-Controller to display the sources on a large video wall. It is a solution for expanding flexibility to each display while improving workplace ergonomics as well.

The company also has a special focus on devices for remote access and offers the RemoteAccess-GATE in this regard. As a stand-alone unit, it lets users remotely operate KVM systems via LAN, WAN, and the Internet. Serving as a link between the KVM system and the network world, it enables worldwide, unblocked access to connected computers – down to the BIOS level.

“Thus, the RemoteAccess-GATE opens up completely new ways for remote operation from remote locations and also improves the ways of providing IT support and collaboration between employees. Up to eight users can access the unit at the same time, allowing them to connect to individual remote computers or to the entire KVM system. Here, security plays an extremely important role as well: in addition to AES encryption, the device also includes IP access control, user and group permissions, KVM session encryption, and other security features.”

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