Create Engage Picks Digistor For Live Streaming Production

Create Engage, a small provider of online event and production systems, has chosen Digistor, an Australian specialist in creation, management, storage, and distribution of digital assets, for streaming production technology.

This has led to deployment of Digistor’s Kiloview products for live streaming video production, including hybrid events, studio-based events, control hubs for fully virtual events and for linking remote presenters and remote live sites together using IP-based video codecs.

“We had heard of Kiloview as a quality player in the market,” said Create Engage director Luke Hammonds. “They were offering these small devices that could send and receive video in pretty much every format we could ever need all over LAN and WAN. They were also rack mountable and hot-swappable, so we needed to try them out as the need for such solutions increased ten-fold due to COVID-19. At that point we contacted Digistor.”

Hammonds continued, “Our starting point for gear like Kiloview is Digistor and of course they stocked it, so we just filled in the online cart and hit the buy button. Digistor have been in the game for as long as I care to remember so, to me, they are a trusted reseller as I’ve used them a lot in the past whether it be for products for pure video production or live IP-based broadcasting.”

Create Engage has recently purchased Kiloview REN-1 Cards, RD-300 Cards, 1RU Cradles and 3RU Cradles.

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