Black Box And Symbio Partner For Control Rooms

Black Box and Symbio are partnering to reduce the time, cost and complexity of completing an optimal control room build or overhaul.

The two companies say that they analyse technical and operational requirements, specify physical layouts and signal distribution, and support implementation of a design that maximises uptime, improves workflows, enhances the operator experience, improves situational awareness and facilitates more effective collaboration and faster decision making.

“When both Symbio and Black Box are part of the conversation early on, we’re able to prevent unpleasant surprises that can be costly for the customer,” said Denis Javaux, co-owner at Symbio. “We can ask the right questions at the right time so that the design implemented serves not only the mission of the control room, but also the requirements of the human team working and collaborating in that space. We can present an optimal design for the customer’s current needs, with the flexibility to accommodate evolving operational demands.”

“Companies that take this holistic approach are making a smart investment in both their control room environment and the people who work in it,” said Frank Noelken, director, KVM business development, EMEA, at Black Box. “Optimisation of this environment is both an ergonomic and technical process. We’re excited to be working alongside Symbio to help our customers be more efficient in implementing designs that effectively address all key requirements and deliver the functionality that makes their control room project a success.”

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