NeuroMedia Software Launches Audience Measurement Platform

Belgian media analytics firm NeuroMedia Software has launched a cross media platform for audience measurement.

Called NeuroMedia Analytics, the platform is partly open-source and supportable by SDK extensions, available in three versions, Startup, Professional and Enterprise. It can be deployed on users’ and partners’ on-premise infrastructure for control over data processing and storage, or in the cloud from where it can be delivered via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Aimed at existing and emerging workflows, NeuroMedia Analytics is compatible with major content delivery networks and streaming technologies. Providing various options for integration with existing business intelligence systems, the platform also delivers unified reporting from different sources via a single tool, showing the data in graphs, grids, or location maps.

“From the largest media organizations to the latest streaming services, the appetite for flexible and comprehensive data analysis and management is more intense than ever,” commented Pierre Mengal, Managing Director of NeuroMedia Software. “By leveraging the advantages of technologies that utilize census and panelized data, our major new platform delivers a level of accuracy and behavioral understanding that is unparalleled in the market.”

NeuroMedia Analytics has already been deployed by local partners in some international markets. The company is courting enquiries from integrators and ‘building block’ technology developers interested in deploying the technology.

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