Meinberg Uses DataMiner For Network Management System

The Meinberg Network Management System is described as an out-of-the-box solution tailored specifically to manage, monitor and control an entire Meinberg ecosystem end to end.

“Our customers are increasingly deploying our leading time and frequency synchronization devices in high volumes in very large-scale networks,” said Heiko Gerstung, MD of Meinberg. “To proactively monitor and manage this very critical part of their infrastructure, or for example to roll out new firmware, or to apply a new base configuration with a single click to many devices in bulk, we have identified the need for a professional consolidated network management solution that can take care of all of these tasks and more.

“With Skyline Communications, we have found the perfect partner, and we have built a solution together in the last couple of months that can be easily deployed at our customers’ premises or in the cloud. It fully integrates our entire Meinberg product portfolio, is future-proof, and benefits from all the unique DataMiner features, such as automatic detection and provisioning of devices in the network.”

“We are very excited that our DataMiner technology was selected by Meinberg as the core engine for their new Meinberg Network Management System,” said Thomas Gunkel, Market Director Broadcast at Skyline. “DataMiner’s open data integration architecture allowed us to easily interface with Meinberg’s latest and secure REST API, which runs over HTTPS/TLS1.3, and to build a solution targeted specifically to Meinberg’s customers. These are active in many different industries, such as power generation, telecommunication, finance, broadcast, traffic control, IT networks and data centers. The Meinberg NMS can be expanded with any other third-party product, and it is even possible to upgrade a Meinberg NMS into a fully-featured DataMiner System.”

Daniel Boldt, Head of Software Development at Meinberg added, “The main reasons why we started this collaboration with Skyline are not only that their scalable DataMiner platform is already used by thousands of customers, but also that Skyline constantly invests in new features and key innovations such as their patented AI-based forecasting and behavioral anomaly detection mechanisms. These turn our Meinberg NMS into a proactive system, alerting our users that things may go wrong in the future before things actually do go wrong. This leaves ample time to fix an issue before any of our customers’ mission-critical services are effectively affected.”

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