Matrox Extio 3 IP KVMs Inside Lyon Video OB Trucks

Full-service video production company uses Extio 3 for IP-based KVM extension and switching.

Lyon Video needed a KVM solution that would allow users to connect to and switch between multiple hardware platforms – within or in a separate OB van – in the event of a system failure. The company also required a KVM solution that would allow engineers in the production studio to remotely access these broadcast systems in the OB vans in order to offer real-time technical support during events.

Furthermore, Lyon Video sought out an IP-based KVM matrix that would allow it to use its current one Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure. According to Matrox, many KVM systems on the market required dedicated connection links that were not IP-based or required a central controller or a matrix that requires users to purchase block licenses and choose a matrix size upfront.

Lyon Video is currently standardizing two installations that include Extio 3 transmitters and one receiver using installed IP switches. Various computers on the network are extended to different locations within a mobile unit, another mobile unit, or to a remote user over WAN and internet.

“With an Extio 3 IP KVM setup able to support one-to-many and many-to-many configurations, operators can rapidly access and switch between systems all from one desk while maintaining broadcast continuity,” Matrox explains. “Furthermore, by allowing engineers to remotely access the broadcast systems in OB vans from their workstations at the production studio, mobile unit operators can receive tech support should a situation arise. Integrated directly within the Extio 3 KVM at no additional cost, Aggregator Mode also provides Lyon Video operators with efficient multi-system control.”

Kevin Norris, engineering operations at Lyon Video, said, “This upgrade has been quintessential in allowing us to save on travel costs, maximize our resources while maintaining superior production quality, and keep our staff safe and distant from one another during COVID-19.”

According to Norris, the company anticipates adding all PCs at Lyon Video headquarters to the KVM setup in order to allow engineering staff to easily access remote workspaces in the mobile units.

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