The Sponsors Perspective: How Does Flexible Access Change The Way Vizrt Serves Customers?

Flexible Access is our way of responding to customer needs we see in the market. At a high level, it is about putting our customer experience first and foremost. In these uncertain times, our customers need to produce more stories, better.

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We have five newly defined Vizrt Solution Suites which streamline how our customers can meet their content production needs. Flexible Access lowers the barriers of entry to our product portfolio and provides more surety around return on investment.

There are three reasons why Flexible Access benefits our customers. The first is it is friction-free. With much lower upfront costs that can be serviced by OpEx budgets rather than scarce CapEx ones, and by sharing more of the investment risk with us, customer procurement requirements can be met more readily.

The second is around dynamic flexibility. We’re offering our customers the elasticity to scale up and down as their business demands. Dynamic flexibility allows our customers to choose how, when, and where to deploy our solutions. Because they are increasingly software-defined, the choice between on-premises, in a data center, or in the cloud becomes a business decision rather than a purely technical one.

And the third one is our Customer Covenant – our pledge to our customers to build meaningful partnerships that create value. Customers no longer need to make all their investment upfront in the hope of being able to generate a sufficient return in the future. The recurring billing mechanism that Flexible Access provides means that they can shorten the time between the investment outlay and the revenue inflow, all underwritten by us.

We believe that content is a vector of value in all the markets we serve. All our customers derive value in some way, shape, or form by producing content. More importantly, the ones that thrive produce content at the right time in the right manner, so it is relevant for their audience. Our task as providers of technology is to make it simpler.

Given the rapidly changing environment that our customers operate in, we think that the traditional model of a customer investing up front and then working to secure a return over many years can be problematic. Our customers tell us they require the capability to adapt as their world changes, and that is what we seek to provide.

Our customers are made up of a strata of persona types. CEOs want to grow the business. CFOs look for a strong return on investment. CMOs care about brand consistency and audience engagement. The journalist wants to tell great stories, with good volume. The tech director needs to run the show and have it look as good as possible. Our Solution Suites gather our tried and tested Vizrt products into workflow groups, making it easier for all stakeholders to access and connect with the value they can deliver. And of course they all can exploit the inherent flexibility in this new way of working.

Software is the way that we deliver this flexibility. If I’d been in a hardware-centric environment when COVID hit, then I could never have removed 50 people from my gallery and sent them home and still be productive. But in a software driven one, I could virtualize my studio with Vizrt software, utilizing NDI and have my people create remotely.

Running through Flexible Access and the Vizrt Solution Suites is our Customer Success ethos, designed to deliver a market-leading customer experience from procurement, deployment, skills transfer and training, through to in-life value creation, support, development, and maintenance.

Customers will be able to adapt and scale their Vizrt Solutions Suites as their needs change, providing them with the confidence to drive their business forward, and of course, with support and maintenance built in, our customers will always have access to the latest version of our software.

What Are The 5 Solution Suites That Make Up Flexible Access?

  • Vizrt Production Control. For when customers want to run live productions, be they remote or local, in an efficient manner.
  • Vizrt Extended Reality (XR). For when customers want to employ augmented, virtual reality, analysis, or video wall elements to bring stories to life, be that via telestration, virtual sets, across video walls, or other immersive graphical elements.
  • Vizrt Newsroom. For when customers (journalists and content producers) want to produce large volumes of high-quality visual stories efficiently.
  • Vizrt MediaWorkflow. For when customers want to leverage their content assets and monetize these across all their audience touchpoints.
  • Vizrt Channel Branding. For when customers want a strong, consistent visual identity to drive viewership and value through channel branding and cross-promotion.

We believe that over time, customers will gain more value using these Solution Suites. We’ve taken our training, professional services, support teams and our solution architects, and put them together to create a unified Customer Success team. Their job is to think about how customers can become more successful by using a Vizrt workflow. That is a constant, always-on conversation dedicated to improving customer outcomes.

Flexible Access is the natural step that we are taking to align ourselves with our customers’ success to help our customers deliver more stories, better told.

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