Gorilla Group Chooses MTI Film Cortex

Cardiff-based film and video post production house Gorilla has chosen an MTI Film Cortex Enterprise mastering and validation system for a new 4K HDR mastering suite at its recently expanded GloWorks facility.

Supplied by MTI Film distribution partner Big Pic Media, the Cortex forms part of Gorilla's investment in new 4K HDR technology.

“Cortex Enterprise gives us all the tools we need to take our creative department's work and produce perfect masters to the very specific requirements of the SVOD and broadcast channels for 4K and HDR content”, says Gorilla Group MD Richard Moss. “We use it to package the image and audio content and ensure we provide the necessary metadata in ancillary files to conform to the specific needs of the studio or broadcaster. What our operators like about Cortex is that the user interface is based on an NLE timeline and has a very logical step-by-step process to ensure nothing is missed. It also has templates for nearly every studio or broadcaster we supply, making our work much more efficient and accurate.

“A unique feature of Cortex is dead pixel detection and correction. MTI Film has perfected these algorithms over the past 30 years in developing restoration tools, making the process of detecting and fixing dead pixels fast and efficient. Once we have made a package we drop it back into Cortex for validation. Cortex also performs automated checks for HDR levels, HLG, HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.”

“We worked closely with Gorilla to evaluate Cortex, ensuring it met and exceeded today's requirements,” adds Big Pic Media MD Adam Welsh. "We also demonstrated MTI Film's commitment to keep abreast of evolving requirements and continually develop the product."

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