Cobalt Iron Secures Patent For Automated Collection Of Monitoring Data

Cobalt Iron has been granted a US patent entitled “Data Protection Automatic Optimization System and Method” describing new capabilities for its Cobalt Iron Compass enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) backup platform.

This enables automatic and dynamic adjustment to data collection activities in response to a detected event or condition.

The patent addresses a large, unmet need for data collection and effective monitoring in the enterprise backup world, according to the company. Deeper data collection and monitoring can help identify, remediate, and track issues. However, adequate collection of these metrics is seldom performed and even when some data is collected, it is typically static in nature.

“We have developed this technology to create a more dynamic means of collecting data about backup infrastructure and operations. In particular, when certain events occur, more information is needed from components or operations in order to analyze and respond appropriately,” said James Kost, Cobalt Iron senior systems engineer. “For example, if there are operational issues with backup, or indications of a ransomware attack, increasing data collection fidelity and frequency can allow more accurate insights into activities that impact backup.”

The new dynamic data collection fidelity technology is addressed at IT administrators, CIOs, and professionals responsible for maintaining backup and IT infrastructure and operations. The techniques disclosed in the patent dynamically adjust data collection activities in response to events such as hardware failures, network issues, failed backups, transient errors, security events, and business-driven dynamics such as audits and legal holds.

After identifying components and operations potentially associated with an event in the backup environment, the techniques dynamically adjust data collection fidelity and frequency. The new patent has been filed to protect the pluggable Compass architecture, disclosing novel Compass techniques that automatically adjust backup, storage, cloud, and network plugged-in components as dictated by conditions or events.

Cobalt Iron is a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection.

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