Creative Technology Use Quicklink Studio-in-a-Box

Creative Technology, owned by NEP, have used Quicklink’s ST500 to help deliver virtual events for their clients.

Recent events the company have delivered utilising the technology include a virtual event for an unnamed company, which ran three simultaneous 90 minute live virtual shows twice over one day in six different languages. CT also pre-recorded videos with multiple contributors, to be streamed across two online events. Quicklink’s secure guest URLs were used to link remote presenters back to the event control rooms, providing high-quality content.

“With the COVID-19 lockdown, we are connecting to people within their homes and there is varying quality to those solutions,” said Steve Purkess, Head of Sport & Broadcast at Creative Technology UK. “We are relying on people’s own electronics like their laptops, cameras, lighting, and their own soft microphone. This is a system that is sent out to people’s homes to replace that and it absolutely elevates the quality of that contribution capture.

“All the people at home have to do is plug the microphone into the box, establish it on their local Wi-Fi and they are ready to go. All of those elements are all controllable from our production hub here at Creative Technology.”

The Quicklink Studio-in-a-Box is described as a portable unit with in-built camera and lighting, that allows CT to manage and control broadcast events quickly, easily and efficiently from any location. The camera, lights and audio can be controlled from any Chrome browser using the Quicklink Manager Portal. The central operator manages the broadcast and can choose both file recording as HD-SDI and live output to air.

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