Primestream Xchange MAM Drives Remote Workflows For Brazil’s NDTV

Brazilian broadcaster NDTV has migrated its media asset management operations to the Xchange platform, helping it to double its content output.

Based in Florianópolis in Brazil’s Santa Catarina state, NDTV is a commercial TV network that operates seven affiliate stations under the RecordTV brand. The network has used Primestream solutions for more than 10 years. Today the Primestream Workflow Server drives virtually all of NDTV’s media workflows and ensures broadcast operation from ingest through to production and playout.

“When it came time to upgrade our MAM capabilities, we looked for a solution that could integrate our seven local stations and enable them to exchange content easily via internet links. We also wanted to make it easier for the stations to search for, identify, and retrieve specific assets,” said Rafael Mafra, engineering and technology director, NDTV. “Of all of the MAM vendors we evaluated, Xchange came out on top in terms of functionality for the price. And of course, after a decade we know we can count on Primestream’s outstanding support.”

With Xchange in the cloud, NDTV has deployed a fully remote production operation that enables teams working from many different locations to see, tag and catalog, upload, and download media. More than 20 NDTV reporters have the autonomy to capture their interviews via videoconference tools, DSLR cameras, and smartphones cameras. Reporters check their content into Xchange, where producers at NDTV headquarters can access the footage and then validate it for postproduction and finalization. From there, editors working from their home offices are able to finish the content using Xchange’s built-in integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro and Creative Suite.

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic presented an ideal opportunity for NDTV to test the remote collaboration workflows, especially since the network had to double production to accommodate its increased news coverage. Almost instantly, content exchanges among the seven TV stations expanded to include more than 30 remote team members, with reporters producing content from the field, producers editing and validating information from workstations in their homes, and TV stations finalizing and broadcasting the stories to viewers.

Mafra added, “Xchange in the cloud has been a huge asset as we’ve navigated these unprecedented times. The control features and agility of Xchange have enabled us to scale easily to meet our increased production requirements. Our remote teams are more productive and creative than ever — with Xchange’s robust metadata capabilities, it’s much easier to shepherd and monitor content through all editing and production steps. Plus, we know we’re getting the best in the industry based on our many years of outstanding experience with Primestream products.”

Claudio Lisman, president and CEO of Primestream says, “Although the migration to a cloud MAM system happened quickly to accommodate an immediate need during the health crisis, NDTV is viewing the solution as the long-range key to collaboration workflows. The benefits of Xchange in the cloud are compelling: the ability to monetize any asset on the system, reduce operational costs, and give users ubiquitous access.”

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