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The same characteristics that make Primestream’s FORK the most comprehensive solution for automation and asset management, also make it the most flexible. FORK is an open-architecture, client-server, script-based system. It can control everything, precisely, because it is versatile enough to embrace anything — hardware from all major manufacturers, all major tape and digital formats, and both Mac and Windows environments.

Broadcasters are creating and disseminating an ever-increasing array of content to an every-increasing spectrum of platforms. FORK lets you manage all this simply and efficiently. If you can access a computer, you can access FORK. And if you're in FORK, you can control your entire operation, from ingest to playout.

FORK has complete editing capabilities built in. Instant proxies allow cuts-only editing, audio control, and voiceover recording as media is ingesting. For more complex editing, FORK integrates with leading NLEs such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid Media Composer – with 2 way communications allowing for the exchange of media, metadata, markers, and more. This integration empowers content creators with their choice of tools to create based on what makes most sense.

The FORK Xchange Cloud Asset Management platform allows convenient access for multi-site and remote workflows and is available on any supported HTML5 Web Browser and iOS for iPad. Professionals can browse the FORK database inside Xchange, upload source content, edit in the cloud, or download media with XML for editing in Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro.

FORK Logger is a highly customizable tool used by major news, sports, and entertainment operations, that allows for logging live or prerecorded video with speed and accuracy – making assets easier to manage, automate, and monetize. It integrates with data feeds from STATS, the global leader in sports information and content. With this service, users can start their sessions with pre-populated placeholders that contain rich event data pulled from the STATS feed such as team name, rosters, and records. Working from populated placeholders enables users to avoid manually entering data and increases accuracy.

Client-server systems are more resilient and opportunistic than 'appliance' systems. They foster collaboration, creativity, efficiency and immediacy — four key characteristics of modernity. FORK enables humans to focus on decision-making, communicating, and creating.

Control it all with FORK automation and asset management.