Bruce’s Shorts | 4.25 - What is a Microservice and Why Do You Need One?

Microservices are all the rage in software at the moment. What are they and why are they important? In this video clip Bruce Devlin introduces microservices and explains their advantages.

Your business probably uses a number of monolithic software applications. You may well have encountered the issues around upgrading one of the applications, the impact on the business, and the problems of upgrading the interfaces to all the other monolithic applications.

Microservices are a way of getting around that. Microservices are designed as small independent units with well-defined interface, communicating over a network like HTTP.

To upgrade a single microservice, it can be tested by copying data from the live network and then running the data on a test service to see how it behaves. The service can be made live once the tests are satisfactory.

Microservices are a way of building applications from small service-oriented components. They take a lot of the pain of operating large interconnected software systems.

This is the last of Bruce’s Shorts for season 4. Watch out for season 5.

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