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HBO and CBS’s Move to Internet Subscriptions Spawns Fear of “Fragmentation” in Online Video Market October 27th 2014 - 07:30 PM

Is today’s cable subscription model about to break? Will cable companies find cord cutters destroying their lucrative model—the one where you pay for 100 channels and watch only 10? The company Piksel says yes—maybe, but the giant content holders have to be careful.

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WCAX towers aerial view.

Are You Ready for Spectrum Repacking? October 24th 2014 - 09:59 AM

The broadcast television industry is facing yet another major transition: the reverse auction of television channel assignments followed by the repacking of spectrum in the 600MHz band to make room for mobile wireless services.

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Mobile tops CDN Summit October 22nd 2014 - 05:16 PM

The needs of mobile operators have leapt up the CDN (Content Delivery Network) agenda, reflecting the fast growing consumption of high bandwidth content on the move, chiefly video. As a result MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) had top billing at the recent CDN World Summit in London and not just as customers of the major CDN providers. MNOs are also actively engaging with CDN providers to streamline end to end content delivery so that consumers receive a better Quality of Service for mobile commerce and HD video.

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How Satellites Will Fuel the Next Wave of Journalism October 22nd 2014 - 04:56 PM

In recent years, major events such as the Arab Spring and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake have brought the role of citizen journalists into global prominence. As mainstream news outlets adapt to this emerging trend, professional journalists and average citizens alike can explore the use of satellite technology as a key enabler to delivering news from anywhere in the world.

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OTT broadcast passes tipping point as HBO and CBS leap aboard the waggon October 21st 2014 - 12:12 PM

The tipping point for OTT broadcast services was surely passed when on successive days HBO and CBS announced they were cutting their own cords with announcements of online-only subscription services. Analysts such as UK based Rethink Technologies are right to assert that these moves will start the dominoes falling not just in North America but around the world, as almost all commercial broadcasters and also pay TV operators will be under mounting pressure to come out with their own OTT-only offerings. It is no longer enough to have a TV Everywhere play so that existing customers can access their subscribed content from connected devices around the home and increasingly while on the road from smartphones, laptops and especially tablets. Now they need a separate online package to combat the brigade of pure play OTT service providers led by Netflix and Amazon, even at the risk of cannibalising their own premium services delivered by cable, satellite or IPTV.

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accedo second screen tv

Integrated First and Second Screen Experiences October 16th 2014 - 08:59 AM

The usage of mobile devices has exploded over the past ten years. At the same time TV remains incredibly popular and powers the largest content industry in the world. The holy grail of next generation connected devices is, quite naturally, to connect the first screen, the TV, with the second screen, the mobile. This paper from Accedo explores the prospect of integrated first and second screen experiences and the likely development over the coming years.

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Vu meter with bent needle

Audio Loudness - or Why Commercials Annoy October 15th 2014 - 11:50 AM

You are sitting there quietly watching your favorite show on TV when all of a sudden the commercial comes on – BAM, WAM, BUY, BUY… screams at you. The purpose of the commercial is to grab your attention in the few seconds of the spot. The recording engineers in the commercials production agency will turn up the sound levels into the red for maximum impact and effect to shake you out of your slumbers. However the effect can be to intensely annoy the viewer who reaches for the channel change, or worse calls the TV company to complain.

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Why satellite trumps cellular in an emergency October 9th 2014 - 12:16 PM

There is a rapid and profound technology shift in ENG. Wireless broadband service providers have become viable low-cost alternatives to conventional microwave in a large number of cases. BT Sport has launched what is claimed to be Europe’s first cellular newsgathering fleet with LiveU LU500 units and Xtender remote antennas even giving the service a new acronym of CNG. Meanwhile U.S. Spanish language broadcaster Noticias MundoFOX has based its entire ENG operation on LIVE+ 20/20 cellular-bonded transmitters from Dejero. “Budget is always a large consideration for a start-up news network,” explained Armando Acevedo, the network’s director of operations. “The ability to cover live, breaking news from the source is a critical differentiator but can also be a major expense area, especially if the station has to maintain costly satellite vehicles.”

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