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The Leader product range encompasses waveform monitors, rasterisers, audio monitors, video generators and RF level meters and supporting accessories. 

Leader’s test and measurement monitors form a unique line-up of products which currently range from the flagship LV5770 multi-monitor for master control room and central technical area applications to the LV5490 multi-SDI monitor for 4K signal analysis. 

Leader has long been the preferred brand of test and measurement equipment for the world's largest international sports events. Among many Leader innovations over the years are Cinezone®, Cinelite® and Focus Assist which help creative teams besides giving accurate information as an engineering tool. 

CINEZONE uses the color spectrum to represent luminance values on an otherwise normal and recognizable picture. It allows quick and easy confirmation of luminance levels without need for complicated waveform representations. Levels over the adjustable maximum are displayed in white, highlights in red, mid-grays in green, shadows in blue and levels under the adjustable minimum in black. This helps to confirm that the camera is actually delivering what is expected and, within just a minute or so of familiarization, becomes more intuitive than the real-world picture. 

CINELITE provides on-picture measurements of video levels in RGB percentage, Y percentage and f-stop readings, bridging the gap between film and HD production measurements. The resulting measurement is digitally accurate and represents the material as it is actually recorded. This ensures scientifically accurate communication with the post-production and color correction process while enhancing the understanding of film and video experts alike. 

The Focus Assist feature is a patent-pending Leader innovation which enables the LV5490 to be used for checking low-contrast content and small image detail. 

In addition to its manufacturing role, Leader is the authorised distributor in the Americas (North & South America, incl. Caribbean) for  PHABRIX.

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