NAB 2024: PHABRIX Prepares Comprehensive Test & Measurement Showcase

PHABRIX has announced plans to exhibit its full suite of instruments at NAB 2024, including the Qx, Rx and Sx Series. PHABRIX and parent company Leader Electronics together will be demonstrating test and measurement solutions suitable for all broadcast and media applications, whether on-set, studio production, post-production, broadcast QC, or for in-house video technology manufacturing facilities.

A host of new features for the Qx Series of rasterizers and waveform monitors – comprising the Qx, QxL and QxP models will be showcased. The series now supports the detection and analysis of SMPTE Full Range video standards. Enabling customers to focus on maximizing the quality of their content, the update means that the Qx Series can now generate video standards in Full Range, Full Protected (FP) Range or Narrow Range (NR) in IP ST-2110, and either Full Range (FR) or Narrow Range (NR) in IP ST 2022-6 and SDI. In addition, with the Qx Series’ analyzer, it is now possible to verify color content regardless of the specific video format being used.

Other features of the Qx Series that will be highlighted at NAB 2024 include:

  • An advanced EUHD option with the QxL rasterizer and QxP portable waveform monitor that supports UHD and 4K HFR (High Frame Rate) extended video formats in ST 2110 – workflows that are now increasingly popular for video walls and other applications involving the use of advanced media processing.
  • The addition of legacy SD analysis ensures a full range of support from SD-HD-UHD-EUHD formats with no need to change equipment.

Aside from the Qx Series, PHABRIX will also showcase new features to its Rx Series and renowned Sx Series to NAB Show visitors:

  • The addition of Enhanced Gamut Monitoring to the Rx Series of advanced rasterizers for 2K/3G/HD/SD signal generation, analysis and monitoring, following on from the introduction of a new 6-bar gamut toolset in 2023.
  • The Sx Series of handheld instruments, including the Sx TAG hybrid IP/SDI and analog generation, analysis and video/audio monitoring device.

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