Intuitive Aerial

Intuitive Aerial manufactures aerial camera rigs for broadcast and cinematography applications

Intuitive Aerial was started in 2009 by serial entrepreneur and media technology engineer Jonas Lindqvist. With his background in visualization and game technology, the vision was bring a camera airborne to provide motion paths not yet available outside of the world of computers. After joining with engineer Mårten Svanfeldt and autonomy and UAV specialist Torkel Danielsson, Intuitive Aerial was born.

The mission was to remove the technical boundaries between the creative vision and the remote airborne camera, creating an intuitive, aerial experience.

The company is based in Linköping, known as the Swedish capitol of aerospace technology. Linköping has a long history of innovation and engineering, with the presence of Linköping University of Technology and well-known technology intensive companies like SAAB and Ericsson.

In 2013 the 3rd generation of Intuitive Aerial aerial camera rigs was launched under the name Black Armored Drone. The Black Armored Drone quickly got viral and the company started a rapid expansion.

Today, the company is represented in 3 countries. The Aerigon series by Intuitive Aerial contains a range of products for professional cinematographers and broadcasters. The products are used on many more applications than just aerial rigs, but the dream to remove all technological boundaries between the creative vision and the remote camera is still as actual as when the company was founded.