Based in Saarbrücken, Germany, Motama was established in 2005 to supply systems to receive, deliver, process and present both audio and video over IP networks. The company offers products for the distribution of material, with units including DVB gateways, encoders/transcoders and streaming servers and protocols. These are used for applications in a variety of technical areas, such as IPTV, content delivery networks (CDNs), internet/OTT, telecommunications, mobile, hospitality and corporate networks. Motama's core technology is NMM (Network Integrated Multimedia Middleware), which is designed to provide a software framework for networked multimedia systems, from embedded and mobile devices to PCs and large-scale computing clusters.

In May 2017, Motama was acquired by Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary, GMIT GmbH.

As well as forming the basis of Motama's own products this program is licensed to leading companies in the areas of home entertainment, networking, mobility, content processing and digital signage. NMM is available in commercial and Open Source versions and features: a micro-core architecture with codecs, devices, networks, and protocols as plug-ins; a flow graph-based multimedia architecture with transparently distributed components; easy integration of existing software/hardware portfolios; distributed synchronisation architecture; lip-synchronisation on single systems; synchronisation of distributed rendering for both audio and video; multi-room working allowing the same content to be rendered synchronously at different locations; multi-device operation for similar content rendered synchronously on different devices; and a multi-stream function to allow different formats of the same content to be rendered synchronously.