Telos Alliance

For three decades, the brands of the Telos Alliance have revolutionized radio and television by pioneering disruptive, cutting-edge audio technology with the goal of helping global networks and local stations produce better programming, improve audience engagement, and bolster ratings. The Telos Alliance is made up of six brands—Telos®Systems, Omnia®Audio, Axia®Audio, Linear Acoustic®, 25-Seven®Systems, and Minnetonka™ Audio. Distinctly and collectively, these brands raise the bar for support, performance, and innovation in the radio and television industries.

Telos Systems

Telos Systems—part of the Telos Alliance—is the leader in broadcast telephone systems and codecs, setting the performance benchmark for the industry. Telos’ new VX Enterprise and Prime+ VoIP phone systems give broadcasters of any size the best on-air quality possible, and offer incredible ROI.

Omnia Audio

Omnia—part of the Telos Alliance—is a pioneer in broadcast audio processing, leading the industry with innovative, solutions-oriented broadcast audio technology and processing/encoding for streaming audio. Its products are the choice of the majority of the Top 100 rated stations in America, and are used at major stations worldwide.

Axia Audio

Axia, the studio audio division of the Telos Alliance, invented Audio over IP for Broadcast with Livewire, the world’s most popular IP-Audio networking technology. Axia mixing consoles and equipment are installed in more than 8,000 studios worldwide, with more than 115 Livewire partners around the globe.


25-Seven—a part of the Telos Alliance—started with the idea to marry ultra-complex time compression algorithms that would allow radio stations more efficient broadcasts. 25-Seven is now legendary for its audio delays and Voltair / TVC-15 watermarking enhancement products, allowing users to monitor watermark encoding in real time for better ratings performance.

Linear Acoustic

Linear Acoustic®, part of the Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group, provides the highest quality real-time loudness control and multi-channel upmixing available. From the industry-standard AERO-series processors to the brand-new SMPTE 2110-compliant ARC, broadcasters worldwide count on Linear Acoustic products to deliver compliant, viewer-pleasing TV audio.

Minnetonka Audio

Minnetonka Audio, part of the Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group, offers award-winning file-based audio processing solutions. These include AudioTools Server™, the global standard for automated file-based loudness control, Dolby®automation, and quality control on premise or in the cloud, as well as SurCode™, the industry-standard family of certified audio codecs for workstations, cloud, enterprise, and OEM applications.

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