Established in 2016 with headquarters in Milan, Italy, MainStreaming has designed its innovative Edge Video Delivery Network from the ground up and is trusted by leading streaming players, including DAZN, Sky, Rai, and ERT, to address their streaming needs.

We are a leading provider of end-to-end Edge Video Network services that delivers broadcast-grade on-demand and live video streaming at scale globally. As an Intelligent Media Delivery Company, it empowers broadcasters, OTT providers, media and entertainment companies to ensure the best Quality of Experience to their audience, providing scalability and full control over the video distribution process. Its full-suite video delivery solution improves network efficiency, delivers exceptional reliability, enhances Quality of Service, and provides a tangible financial and environmental ROI.  

The Intelligent Media Delivery Platform incorporates Edge Computing applications, such as watermarking, machine learning, and tokenization, to enhance viewer personalization and combat piracy through traffic analysis.

Our Carbon Neutral Intelligent Media Delivery Platform integrates optimization capabilities, video streaming workflows, real-time monitoring and analytics, customizable solutions with the intent of delivering a seamless experience to millions of concurrent viewers. It is the full stack enterprise solution that delivers live video and VOD (video on demand), integrating all operative phases for the ingest, management and distribution of streaming media. Its Content Hosting and Management services help its clients engage with audiences around the world and grow their businesses. We help broadcasters transition to OTT as consumers shift from OTA (Over-the-air, including Cable TV and IPTV) to OTT (Over-the-top internet-based streaming).

MainStreaming has purpose-built its revolutionary Edge Video Delivery Network to address low latency, high-definition video delivery and provide a managed private or hybrid Edge Network optimally and sustainably for each client.

The company’s products have been developed upon 3 pillars. The three core foundations are the prerequisites for QoE and QoS:

  • Smart Architecture: Streamlined to optimize all resources while ensuring high quality of service and reduced power consumption
  • Intelligent Software: Ensures quality of delivery through Smart Algorithms, Advanced Analytics, and a continuous monitoring of QoE (Quality of Experience) and network conditions.
  • Edge Distribution Network: Edge services and interconnected network, within ISP premises, are designed to be closer to the end users.

We also optimize the hardware components and the software algorithms for video use cases to help important players in the streaming field evolve their offerings and bring notable events to users simultaneously. Edge servers deliver a higher quality of streaming when they are closer to end users and positioned inside an ISP network. ISPs know where to deploy Video Edge Network cache capacity based on their network congestion patterns.

This way, traffic is distributed to dozens of points, reducing the load on the ISP network, improving results for the end user, and minimizing the distance traveled by packets.

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