Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation Enhances Live Production Capabilities With Riedel’s Simplylive Pro

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT S.A.), Greece’s state-owned public broadcaster, has once again acquired Riedel’s cutting-edge Simplylive Production Suite to elevate its live production capabilities across a wide range of events.

The software-driven solution was integrated into ERT’s OB vans by Riedel partner Bon Studio S.A., increasing the broadcaster's capacity to work with more replay servers and, in turn, leverage more slow-motion cameras and sources to deliver the detailed coverage that fans expect of major live events today.

ERT’s selection of the Riedel solution followed a comprehensive public tender process in which the broadcaster evaluated technology, functionality, expandability, and financial criteria. The Riedel-based proposal by Bon Studio emerged as the top choice.

Two new V12 units enhance ERT’s ability to deliver high-quality live coverage of sports events, government functions, and entertainment events throughout Greece. Supporting super slow motion, providing a production network for seamless connection of additional replay servers, enabling multiuser operation, and ensuring Dante compatibility and support for 4K, the Riedel system gives ERT the functionality and flexibility essential to handling complex productions with fewer personnel and less equipment. The ease of setup and preset recall function give the broadcaster’s OB vans the versatility to meet the demands of any event. 

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