Skandha Launches Powerful AI-based Proof-of-delivery Ad Verification Tool For Live Sports Platforms

Skandha Media Services, a leader in scalable playout services that leverage cloud technology, automation, AI, and machine learning, has launched Evince, a unique AI-based Ad verification tool that offers total peace of mind to live sports streaming platforms and advertising agencies.

Designed to empower broadcasters, OTT platforms, content owners & aggregators, rights holders, and brands, the AI-enabled technology automates the detection and capture of primary and secondary Ad elements on live sport streams. With Evince, advertising agencies and advertisers can see exactly how an Ad appeared on a specific channel via mobile, digital, or CTV, and at what point during a live event. The solution ensures that contractual obligations are met by providing advertisers with automated visual proof-of-delivery.

Ad placement and timing are crucial during live sports events. Evince provides visual evidence that an Ad has been served by using AI to detect Ad elements displayed in a live sport stream. It captures and meticulously records each one as a video or image file with timestamps, using metadata to automate file names relating to the commercial ID and brand.

Video spot Ads (including those carrying QR codes) are saved as files in MP4 format and L-Band, Aston, and Bug Ads are saved as PNG, JPG & MOV files. The files are instantaneously and securely stored in the cloud so that each Ad insertion record can be accessed reliably in real-time.

Skandha developed the new AI-based technology after a customer approached them to find a way to provide visual proof to their advertisers that 100% of Ads were being served and displayed correctly during the streaming of a live cricket match.

Evince provides complete peace of mind to live sports streaming platforms and helps broadcasters and OTT platforms to fulfill contractual obligations with advertisers. 

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