Cleanfeed Cinema Redefines Audio Post Production Workflows

Following its successful launch at NAB 2024, Cleanfeed Cinema - the latest remote recording innovation from Cleanfeed - is already helping audio postproduction facilities redefine their workflows by combining studio quality audio with real-time, high frame rate video over the internet.

Among the first post houses to adopt Cleanfeed Cinema are Parabolic in New York, Forever Audio in London, and Telegael in Ireland, where Head of Sound Ciarán Ó Tuairisc describes the new product as a ‘game changer’.

“We’ve been using Cleanfeed’s audio remote recording software for a long time because it gives us the broadcast quality sound we want and is very easy to use,” Ó Tuairisc says “When we heard that Cleanfeed was launching a product that could do video as well as audio, we asked if we could try it out. Initial demos convinced us that this was a wonderful thing. As soon as Cleanfeed Cinema became available we immediately adopted it and are now using it very successfully, particularly for reviewing work with clients and for ADR.”

This is specifically tailored for synchronous remote collaboration and audio production, and is the seamless solution that the film and broadcast industry has been waiting for. Whether you are recording ADR, mixing sessions, narration, dubbing, or conducting real-time audio reviews with remote guests, Cleanfeed Cinema is the answer.

The product was introduced as a result of customer demand for a single tool that gives professionals access to both video and audio when they work remotely with talent, production teams and clients.

Cleanfeed already had the audio side sewn up with its ultra-low latency online studio for live audio and recording, which allows live, unadulterated audio to be transported over the internet, in real time. This audio-only solution was introduced in 2014 by company founders Marc Bakos and Mark Hills, both of whom have extensive technology experience in the broadcast and post-production industries.

The remote recording offering employs propriety video delivery technology that gives the lowest possible latency. It was designed from the ground up to push video as fast as possible to the people who need to see it. It also delivers a high-definition image at a consistent frame-rate, which is critical for users working on frame-accurate footage with audio where any delay can ruin a take. With Cleanfeed Cinema there is no loss of synchronisation between pictures and audio, making it the perfect solution for all post-production workflows.

For Telegael, having reliable remote production tools is vital because the company is based on the west coast of Ireland, many miles from the international producers, distributors, and broadcasters with whom it regularly works.

Impressed by Cleanfeed’s audio quality and ease of use, Telegael was an early adopter and has used the software on numerous productions for clients such as Disney, Lionsgate, Netflix, NBC Universal, BBC, Discovery, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, RAI, France TV, ABC Australia, CCTV China, ITV, RTÉ, TV3 and TG4.

This is now proving equally useful as it incorporates all the advantages of the original software but with the added benefit of a video feed that can be viewed by up to 16 guests at the same time. With no complicated logins or firewall adjustments to make, Cleanfeed Cinema’s secure, encrypted in-browser stream focuses on low latency, making it ideally suited to low bandwidth scenarios. The software delivers 2K, 60fps cinema streaming, maintains frame rate for cue and timing and offers optional full screen workflows.

At Telegael, there is a daily requirement to review projects remotely and this is where Cleanfeed Cinema is really coming into its own. Prior to its launch, Telegael was using Zoom to send pictures and Cleanfeed to send audio, on the understanding that synchronisation between the two software might occasionally be hit and miss. However, with Cleanfeed Cinema the sound and the pictures are now both perfect, which, says Ó Tuairisc, has made an enormous difference.

This offering doesn’t need to be coupled with other products and comes with a fixed annual cost. As a straightforward browser-based tool, there is nothing to install and no firewall configuration. It can run on a local editing workstation or on a separate machine, and with synchronous remote working there are no uploads, file transfers, downloads or special hardware to deal with. Privacy and security controls ensure that all footage sent is secure. Sessions remain private and there is no data at rest on Cleanfeed servers.

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