Pebble To Launch Ground-breaking PRIMA Software Platform At NAB Show 2024

Pebble, a leading automation, content management, and integrated channel specialist, is delighted to announce that it will be launching its latest innovation, PRIMA, at NAB Show 2024.

PRIMA, the Platform for Real-time Integrated Media Applications, has been designed to provide a unified set of services targeting flexible deployment, security, economic scalability, and centralised management. It has been built from the ground up to utilise leading technologies in a way that addresses the rapidly evolving needs of Pebble’s growing customer base.

The initial product set for PRIMA leverages Pebble’s core business of channel origination and consists of applications covering playout, workflow, and control. Media and broadcast organisations deploying PRIMA solutions will benefit from Pebble’s many years at the forefront of developing playout, channel origination, and file-based workflow management, as well as PRIMA’s integration of Pebble’s leading NMOS-based IP stream configuration and management to ensure future-proof workflows.

PRIMA is being introduced alongside Pebble’s established range of playout solutions, and has been carefully designed to both integrate with and expand the capabilities of the existing product line. PRIMA also significantly expands the range of customer applications that Pebble can address, leading to exciting new opportunities for the company as it looks to further develop its market-leading technology to occupy new niches in the broadcast and media ecosystem.

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