CueScript Poised To Transform The Prompting Experience With Line-up That Includes ‘World Firsts’

CueScript, a developer of professional teleprompting solutions, is poised to transform the prompting experience with a line-up comprised of world firsts, upgrades, and enhancements to be shown at NAB 2024. The company, celebrating its 10th anniversary at the show, is bringing a mix of studio-based solutions and products designed to deliver perfect prompting in the field.

CueScript’s extended platform will include: CueVue - a new portable studio in a box, CueFlip - a smart folding field prompter and talent monitor, SayiT V2- voice activated software, CSMV222 prompter - the only prompter that provides performance without compromise with a high bright display in a true 4x3 ratio, and Cue Script’s own CueTALK Cloud solution. All will be on display alongside products from CueScript’s tried and true product platform.

CueVue – All the functionality of CueScript’s CueB, the hub of the CueScript prompting system, in a small field footprint. The CueVue can be run either on POE or USB. With 4 outputs, it is ideal for on-the-scene reporting and offers the ideal prompting solution for news stories and election coverage.

CueFlip – A world’s first, CueScript’s CueFlip is a smart folding field prompter and talent monitor in a truly unique form factor that eliminates breakage concerns when transporting systems. CueFlip flips tradition with screens that fold face-to-face securely, eliminating the possibility of damaging outward facing displays. The easy to assemble design enables fast field setup with the highest NIT prompter screens on the market.

SayiT V2– CueScript’s cutting-edge voice activated prompting software, SayiT streamlines the prompting experience by automatically scrolling speech with text in perfect synchronization, eliminating the need for manual scrolling and ensuring a seamless presentation. Operators can focus on other essential aspects of production, saving time, reducing errors, and enjoying overall efficiency. New for NAB 2024, SayiT V2 will be demonstrated with an improved back engine.

CSMV222 – a 22” Prompter – CueScript is bringing a new prompting experience to NAB 2024 in the form of a 22” studio prompter. Two key features set the CSMV222 apart from its competition: the prompter’s 4x3 ratio guarantees larger letters than similar widescreen prompters, and the high bright display makes this the most readable prompter, period. The CSMV222 allows the talent to remain focused and engaged with viewers without fear of their eyes drifting to either side of the display.

CueTALK Cloud– The first and only service of its kind in the world of prompters, CueTALK Cloud connects prompting anywhere, anytime with a user-friendly, seamless and quick setup between local and remote applications using a standard public Internet connection. Launched at NAB 2023, CueTALK Cloud is back this year illustrating how it maximizes flexibility and scalability by allowing users to adapt to changing production needs effortlessly and enabling collaboration between remote sites in real-time. CueTALK Cloud is available on a subscription basis with flexible plans to meet any range of requirements.

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