Hawk-Eye Replay Global Launch At IBC 2023

Hawk-Eye’s innovative new remote production and instant replay broadcast solution will be launching globally at this year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC).

Hawk-Eye Replay is a remote production and instant replay broadcast solution built on Hawk-Eye's Synchronised Multi-Angle Replay Technology (SMART) systems. Continually building on its robust technology, Hawk-Eye Replay is focused on reimaging broadcasting production workflows and outputs.

With playback and slow motion functionality, data-driven clipping applications and remote production capabilities, Hawk-Eye Replay offers an easy to use replay interface and a highly scalable architecture to meet any size of live production.

With unique to market product specifications and integration with robust data systems, Hawk-Eye Replay has been created with the needs of the industry at the forefront of the development and future roadmap; with prioritisation of client requests for features. The Hawk-Eye Precision Controller has been “built” by current industry operators making it intuitive and configurable for speed and efficiency.

Through an intuitive controller and UI design the transition for operators is simplified and training times significantly reduced. Operators have full control to customise their controller, sidecar and workspace with up to four operator controlled multiviews per server.

At its global launch visitors will be able to experience first-hand the highly flexible and scalable feature set of Hawk-Eye’s new replay system at the Sony where demonstrations will be available.

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