Classic Genelec 1035 Monitors Get New Lease Of Life At Tokyo’s Studio Brain

Post-production studio, Studio Brain, has taken a sustainable approach to upgrading its facilities. The full-service production house is built around two fully equipped creative studios and three editing suites. The 66 m² MA1 control room has featured two flush mounted Genelec 1035 main monitors since 1991. These were in need of some attention, but rather than move to a different solution, Studio Brain decided to give them an entirely new lease of life through Genelec’s 1235 Retrofit Upgrade Kit – thereby creating a thoroughly modern Smart Active Monitoring system.

At the start of the upgrade process, the studio looked at switching the 1035s out to nearfield monitors, but instead settled on the Retrofit Upgrade Kit to transform the legacy 1035s to 1235 Smart Active Monitors. This upgrade retains the 1035 enclosures – and updates them with the latest Class D amplifiers, DSP hardware and drivers.

When they were launched in 1989, Genelec’s 1035 monitors quickly became a go-to for top studios around the world who demanded full-range monitors that combined high SPL with true reference quality. The replacement 1235 was launched in 2020, offering Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring technology, with 96 kHz processing and tight integration with GLM calibration software. At the same time, the Retrofit Upgrade Kit allowed installation of the new RAM-XL amplifier module, brand new drivers and a complete system calibration, with no structural changes and little downtime, enabling 1035 users to benefit from the improved performance and greater flexibility of the 1235 – thus providing many more years of reliable service from their monitors.

In well-established, theatre-tiered listening rooms like Brain’s MA1, this is a real benefit for two reasons. Firstly, the 1235s can be calibrated via GLM to allow even greater flexibility in tailoring them to the acoustics of the room, and additionally, they can be optimised for a variety of listening positions.

The Retrofit Upgrade Kit saves Studio Brain money by consuming less power, supporting Genelec’s longstanding commitment to sustainability. 

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