Anywave Brings NextGen TV To Central Pennsylvania

Anywave supplies ATSC 3.0 lighthouse transmitter and ATSC 3.0 translator to bring nextgen TV to Central Pennsylvania.

Anywave Communication Technologies, a leading supplier of advanced technology TV broadcast transmitters, has supplied the broadcast equipment for a new and unique ATSC 3.0 deployment in the Harrisburg, PA area.

In another example of full service stations partnering with LPTV/translator stations to launch 3.0 services, channel 16 in Harrisburg is broadcasting the streams of WHTM (ABC), WITF (PBS), and WLYH (religious programming), using a new Anywave Marble series ATSC 3.0 transmitter. In addition, in what may be one of the first such deployments, the ATSC 3.0 signal is received and rebroadcast on channel 31 through an Anywave ATSC 3.0 translator in the Red Lion/York PA area. The translator is fully regenerative, and provides excellent performance and coverage to areas that may not have access to the channel 16 signal.

“Anywave has developed coverage solutions to address most any ATSC 3.0 requirement”, said David Neff, General Manager of Anywave. “Besides 3.0 translators, we have a complete line of SFN capable transmitters, and an exceptional line of gap fillers (on-channel repeaters) that have also been successfully deployed in ATSC 3.0 systems. All are available for most any power levels, and all frequencies, including UHF, and VHF bands I and III, and all are Anywave’s own design. We believe that Anywave has the most complete line of TV transmitters in the industry, and we continue to develop and further improve our offerings.”

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