Anywave Communications Technologies, Inc. (Anywave) is a leading company in the design and manufacture of advanced TV broadcast transmission equipment. Owing to its roots from a strong engineering team that was key in developing the ATSC DTV standard, the company is a technology leader in all of its market segments. Anywave has the broadest product line of any TV transmitter product supplier, with products ranging from high power liquid cooled transmitters in both UHF and VHF (including band I VHF), medium power air cooled UHF and VHF transmitters, a powerful suite of low power TV products, and Anywave’s internally designed and produced exciters, which have the most advanced performance and powerful adaptive equalization available today, and are available for all major worldwide DTV standards, including ATSC 3.0. The company also has a superior line of software based encoders that support MPEG-2, H.264, and HEVC encoding.

Beyond the impressive breadth of its product line, Anywave offers some unique and important features for TV broadcasters, including:

  • Highest efficiency amplifiers available, using the latest 50v asymmetrical Doherty devices
  • Broadband performance
  • High power density – 25kW available in one cabinet
  • Opti-Tune® automatic optimization of amplifier gain and phase
  • Unique heat transfer materials to minimize operating temperature of devices
  • Every exciter comes with a tunable RF input, allowing translator operation with no other equipment
  • PSIP and TSID editing capability for translators built in
  • Static Picture Feature capability – displays content even on loss of input signal

Anywave is headquartered in Lincolnshire, IL, with an assembly, test, and service facility in Hebron, KY, near Cincinnati. The company has a strong team of seasoned broadcast industry professionals that are passionate about advanced technology and customer service.