EditShare Boosts Connectivity And Workflows At NAB 2023

EditShare will use NAB 2023 to unveil its latest productivity and creativity enhancements. The continuing development of EditShare core functionality is targeted at creative freedom and simpler, more resilient and secure workflows.

EditShare’s workflow solutions are driven by its EFS Storage and FLOW media management - these are combined in FLEX for fast cloud implementations. By integrating storage on premises, at multiple locations and in the cloud, connectivity is at the heart of the workflow and serves multiple market verticals and applications in broadcast, production, post, education, sports, news, corporate/enterprise, and houses of worship.

Swift Sync gives users a way to share media across different EFS systems in the cloud, on prem or in between. Users can select all or some of their media spaces in any location and bring it into their workspace, whether they are in a facility, working at a remote location or using cloud editing via a desktop emulator. FLOW provides support for multiple streams of multiple codecs. In addition the latest EFS release delivers as much as a 60% increase in throughput for certain codecs/configurations from the previous hardware/software.

Editors use the tools of their choice because FLOW and FLEX integrate with software from Adobe, Avid, BlackMagic and others without having to change screens. Included in this spring release are a number of features and improvements to our FLOW Panel for use with Premiere specifically. Collaborative teams can easily connect with each other using EditShare’s unique Universal Projects technology, providing a seamless means of exchanging projects between post production users and platforms. 

EditShare’s advanced set of open APIs means it’s easy to integrate tools from partner companies and third-party vendors, whether that is capture software from Cinedeck, workflow orchestration from Helmut, cloud hosting from AWS, AI capabilities from Audimus and Mobius, NRCS systems and more, many of which will be demonstrated at the show.

To ensure that mission critical content flows – like channel playout or fast turnaround editing – are never compromised, users can now manage storage access bandwidth to guarantee quality of service for each workstation, user or group with EditShare’s new Swift Control. The latest release also moves to streamline and simplify still further the new web user interface in FLOW, and to make FLEX Cloud Edit+ easier to deploy through intuitive user interfaces without the need for cloud specialists.

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