VSF Releases Specification For Wireguard VPN In RIST Devices

The Video Services Forum (VSF), has further enhanced the Reliable Internet Streaming Transport (RIST) protocol with the use of Wireguard VPN in RIST devices. This feature, detailed in TR-06-4 Part 2, is the second release in a series of ancillary features for RIST specifications.

Wireguard VPN has been selected as an off-the-shelf alternative to transport RIST Simple Profile (VSF TR-06-1) or unencrypted RIST Advanced Profile (VSF TR-06-3) streams. Wireguard sessions can also be used to carry non-RIST data for in-band control or other purposes. Additionally, Wireguard can also support IP Multicast, if configured to do so. Technical recommendations are freely available from the VSF website for all to download and make use of.

The RIST protocol has been designed as a reliable, low-latency video contribution transport over the Internet. It is typically used for professional media workflows, such as news and sports contribution, remote production, affiliate distribution and primary distribution. Developed with multi-vendor interoperability as its key objective, RIST provides a technically robust transport solution regardless of the application, use case, or environment it is deployed in.

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