Vendor Spotlight: Actus Digital

Actus Digital’s Monitoring platform to assure QoS, QoE and compliance for both broadcast and OTT.

Founded in 2005 Actus Digital supplies an intelligent monitoring platform for compliance recording, OTT monitoring, advanced clipping and content re-purposing to OTT/Social, Multiviewer, and AI based workflows such as automatic ads detection, speech to text and more.  These software-centric solutions are tailored to Broadcasters/TV networks, playout centers and media operators, Multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD), Governments and media agencies.

The company, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts and also maintains offices in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, provides an integrated broadcast media software platform for additional workflows such as live clipping for OTT, social media as well as VOD and catch-up TV platforms.

“We are not a typical compliance and monitoring solution,” said Raphael Renous, CTO at Actus Digital, adding that its broadcast recording platform complies with all of the TV regulatory requirements, such as Loudness, Closed caption, Sub subtitles, SCTE regulations but also provides additional use cases to the digital media, ads sales, marketing and research, as well as to other markets for new monitoring, ads detections, and more.

With the rapid increase of OTT services that need to be monitored, Actus Digital is working to provide a solution for the entire OTT monitoring chain and renditions, which can be purchased as a standalone or as a part of a fully integrated compliance and monitoring solution.

Raphael Renous, CTO at Actus Digital.

Raphael Renous, CTO at Actus Digital.

“The most recent challenge for our customers is OTT monitoring,” said Renous. “Customers want to have many solutions/workflows in one platform, to save cost while also benefitting from pre-integrated solutions and less maintenance.”

“Having a compliance solution that does only that, is not what the industry expects anymore from up to date and innovative solutions.”

The Actus set of options can be divided into Engineering and non-engineering departments.

Actus Tools for Engineers:

Compliance Logging: Reliable 24x7 recording from any TV/ Radio/OTT combination of inputs (IP, SDI, ASI, DVB, 2110, HLS, HDMI, Zixi, NDI, Analogue, FM, etc. Subtitles/Teletext/CC, Loudness, multiple audio languages, and SCTE monitoring. Including TS Native recording.

Exclusive OTT Monitoring: Actus OTT monitoring for QoS and QoE, multiple bitrates, multiple probes (IPTV/FAST channels).

Multiviewers: Easily-customizable layouts, lowest-latency, browser-based multiviewers across many probe points.

Technical Alerts: QoE alerts on A/V issues such as high/low audio, frozen image, color bars, signal loss, Loudness issues, subtitles/Teletext/CC, SCTE verification, integration with any data miner.

Tra­ffic Integration: EPG plus Play-List/As-Run/ Schedule integration for searching, ad-verification, discrepancy reports (schedule versus As run).

Collaborate/Clip: Clip live orsearch by date/ time, Teletext/captions, Traffic metadata, bookmarks, and share in the libraryor export and send.

Remote Video Monitoring: Multi Video Program Distributors (MVPD) can dial up and monitor any/all Post-STB channels at remote Headends and hub-sites.

Optional Tools for Benefits Beyond Engineering:

Digital Media: Advanced clip editing w/Graphics, Pre/Post-Rolls, metadata, and publishing directly to Social/OTT/VOD, including automation.

Marketing and Research: Rating integration for Competitive and content analysis w/ratings interactive graphs next to video.

Ads Sales: Automatic Ads detection and reports for competitive analysis and increasing ads sales revenues.

News: Advanced Searching on audio/video with AI options such as speech-to-text, translation, logo detection, etc. 

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