Open Broadcast Systems Partners With MSTV To Innovate With Starlink, 5G And Cloud Technologies

Open Broadcast Systems and MSTV have announced a partnership to develop new products and solutions around innovative IP technologies, including Starlink, 5G and cloud distribution systems.

The partnership is a result of a need to find a flexible way to contribute and distribute high quality sports content, at very short notice, to and from anywhere in the world.

The nature of MSTV’s business means its crews can be asked to produce a sporting event with only a few days notice, anywhere in the world. It often needs to deliver to many platforms such as web, satellite or BT Tower concurrently. The short timescales involved mean traditional fibre or satellite vehicles are not an option. 

To address these challenges, MSTV has looked to the newer technologies of cloud distribution, bonded 5G and Starlink to contribute and distribute its sporting content.

Broadcasters of these sporting events may be located anywhere in the world, so MSTV needed a vendor-neutral solution for encoding and transporting broadcast-quality transport streams to web, satellite uplink facilities or broadcasters directly.

As a result, MSTV partnered with Open Broadcast Systems to develop a solution for transporting high quality contribution video from anywhere in the world, and, using the cloud, subsequently processing this video into appropriate delivery formats.

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