InSync Puts The Emphasis On Flexibility And Integration At IBC 2022

InSync Technology will highlight key OEM partnership agreements, including those with GrayMeta and FOR-A, underlying its collaboration and integration with an extensive list of industry partners.

The company will display both its hardware and software conversion products together for the first time as it focuses on raising awareness of high-quality, motion compensating frame rate conversion as part of a wider ecosystem, alongside partners such as Dalet Amberfin, M2A, Telestream and others.

Attendees will see InSync’s AE2020 hardware which forms part of GrayMeta’s SAMMA solution for video digitisation and migration of tape archives to file-based assets. The unit is designed as an input stage to receive analogue and digital outputs from legacy storage technologies and optionally apply a raft of signal conditioning options. The workflow is already being used by the Library of Congress in the US.

The stand will also feature the MCC-4K-A UHD converter, developed by InSync and exclusively distributed by FOR-A. Based on the latest motion estimation algorithms, the solution delivers sophisticated new format conversion tools for unbeatable results when moving between HD and UHD and between SDR and HDR.

InSync will demonstrate how FrameFormer outperforms traditional frame rate conversion methods and offers customers the flexibility to leverage both cloud and on-premise deployment. Visitors to the InSync stand will have an opportunity to see how this frame rate conversion software – which supports an unrivalled variety of frame formats – interfaces to partner portals, such as AWS Elemental.

FrameFormer delivers across a breadth of availability of frame formats and capability in a simple to use workflow, eliminating the need for complex settings or intensive training requirements. The company will show how this solution provides benefits across a range of genres, from sports, drama and news to natural history, intuitively adjusting to content type. Additionally they will also show the integration of FrameFormer within the Hiscale FLICS|SOLO transcoding solution, with a side by side comparison with traditional frame rate conversion systems.

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